Chris Bartlett has published an Annotated Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1976 (Tas) with a brief commentary on important sections.  The publication will be useful to practitioners who work in the area of victims of crime compensation and in personal injury matters.  It addresses the inter-relationship between and impacts of entitlements to workers compensation, damages and the National Redress Scheme redress monies and compensation.  It also addresses the principles behind the Act and the application of the Act to Tasmanian victims, extensions of time applications and how awards of compensation are determined.

The current updated Act includes:

  • Important amendments relating to time limits for Applicants seeking compensation for child sexual abuse; and
  • CPI increases with respect to the amounts payable to victims.

The publication will be especially beneficial to those who appear before a Commissioner on applications, those working in Community Legal Centres, Legal Aid and related areas of practice.

To order a copy, please complete the Order Form .  Copies of the Act can be supplied electronically or in hard copy.