Associate Membership

As an associate member of the Law Society of Tasmania you can enjoy the Society benefits and services listed below.

Please note what not applicable to your associate membership:

  • Access to the Society’s EAP program
  • Complaints – member adviser service
  • Venue hire member rates
  • The right to vote at Society elections
  • Access to some resources such as the Contract of Sale
  • Compliance with The Society’s Continuing Professional Development Scheme and Practice Guideline no. 4

Associate member benefits

  • The Law Letter journal
  • The weekly Law Update E-newsletter
  • The weekly CPD E-newsletter
  • Access to the Society’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program
  • Opportunities to join Society committees
  • An exclusive range of deals and discounted services

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

  • You have access to this program which caters to all levels of legal experience and offers a diverse program of standalone events and annual practice-area specific conferences.
  • CPD events; recordings, and other learning resources can be found here.
  • For CPD-related enquiries you can contact us at cpd@lst.org.au

Member Section of the Society Website
You will have access to the members’ section of the Society’s website. Visit the Members Homepage here. You are prompted for your email address at login. A unique five-digit access code is then texted and emailed to you. This will occur each time you log into your member portal.