This is an excellent professional development opportunity, and there is a specific category of membership for lawyers (category E).

  1. The Tasmania Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) which oversees the care and use of animals in research and teaching at the University of Tasmania, and, ensures all animal care and use is done in accordance with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.
  2. The Tasmania Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) which reviews health and medical and social science human research proposals. The role of the Tasmania HREC is to ensure research has merit and reflects the ethical values of justice, beneficence and respect for humans, and is acceptable to the Australian community.

Currently recruiting for the following membership categories:

  • Lawyers (category E) for the Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Laypeople (category D) for the Animal Ethics Committee
  • Pastoral carers (category D) for the Human Research Ethics Committee

Membership involves attending at least one meeting per month, and reading and reviewing applications prior to the meeting.

HREC Category E Lawyer Overview and Application Form
HREC Pastoral Carer Category D Overview Application June 2021
AEC Category D Overview and Application June 2021