CPD Audit FAQs

1. I have been selected to participate in the Society’s annual CPD compliance audit, what does this mean for me?
The Society audits of 5% of the legal profession each year to verify compliance with the mandatory CPD scheme. If you received an audit notice to this effect, this means the Society is requesting from you details of your CPD activities and supporting evidence for the immediate past CPD year. This is to be sent to the Society within the specified timeframe stated in your audit notice.

2. How should I supply evidence of my CPD activity?
If you received an audit notice, you need to provide clear information and evidence of all your CPD activities for the CPD year being audited to show that you reached compliance in that year. To assist with this, the Society recommends that all your CPD activity – whether it is CPD offered by the Society, or an external provider – is recorded on the CPD Activity Record Form HERE or similar.

3. What information about my CPD activity should I supply?
You need to supply details of your CPD activities (in the format listed below) for the specified period including a record of CPD points and categories as required to be maintained under rule 3.8 of Practice Guideline no. 4 HERE.

  • the CPD activity, and event name (if applicable);
  • date of event;
  • CPD points claimed;
  • mandatory category to which it relates; and
  • provider or entity.

4. What further evidence should I supply?
In conducting its annual audit, a reasonableness approach is adopted by the Society. If an activity can be easily substantiated by the Society no supporting evidence will be required. For example, if you are claiming points associated with Society committee attendance or for an article you have had published in Society’s The Law Letter, documentary evidence of this is not required. Otherwise, in addition to the information required as listed in 3 above, you should supply supporting evidence such as:

  • receipts
  • enrolment records
  • certificates
  • attendance lists
  • statutory declarations
  • transcripts
  • copies of presentation notes

5. What should I do if I receive a non-compliance notice?
A practitioner must comply with a non-compliance audit notice within 30 days after the giving of the notice. This notice will include the requirements that you need to undertake to reach compliance. If you do not comply with this notice, the Society may exercise any of the powers giving to it pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2007 including a referral to Legal Profession Board of Tasmania.