In preparation for his retirement from practice in 2022 Hugh Murray wishes to arrange for the relocation of his set of English Authorised Reports to a firm or organisation which would appreciate them, and be able to accommodate them.

The (all but complete) set of leather bound Reports are dated from 1865 to 1991 and all but two books are in good condition for their age – as Ms Debra Bowring, Tasmanian Law Librarian (03 6165 7412 or 3), is able to verify.

The Reports are currently located at the Tasmanian Legal Practice Course premises and can be housed in 4 modular, easily dismantled and assembled wooden shelving compartments varying between 1,500mm in width and 2,000mm in height.

Hugh does not wish to charge for the Reports (or the shelves) and is quite willing to negotiate the relocation costs.
Hugh would not wish to split the set between firms, however, he would prefer to do that rather than discard the set – which he would see as the only other (quite shocking) alternative if they cannot be relocated.

If you are interested please contact Hugh on 03 6234 9919 or