Changes to enterprise bargaining and agreement making that are due to commence from 6 June. These changes, arising from the Secure Jobs Better Pay Act, include amendments to multi-enterprise agreements, the better off overall test (the BOOT) and protected action ballots, among other things.

The Fair Work Commission is committed to supporting the community with these changes. We are continuing to develop tools, information and resources to help practitioners navigate and understand the changes.

New information pack — Protected action ballot orders (PABOs)

Today, we are publishing the first in a series of information packs about changes to bargaining:

Download: Protected action ballot orders information pack (PDF)

This first pack includes information about changes to protected action ballot orders, including a new requirement for bargaining representatives to attend a conference during the ballot period, eligible ballot agents, and protected action in multi-enterprise bargaining.

The pack also includes links to information about other Secure Jobs Better Pay Act changes effecting the Commission and how to stay informed.

Between now and 6 June, we will also publish additional information packs on topics such as bargaining disputes, supported bargaining agreements, and multi-employer agreements.

Sharing with your networks and community

I encourage you to share this and future information packs with your networks and community. The download link is to publicly available information and can be shared freely by email.

We have created social media resources to help you share the pack through your social media channels.

Download: PABO social media tile (jpg)

We’ve also developed suggested wording for social media posts to help you share the information.

A different tile and wording will be available for each new pack as its published. You will be able to find these and all our new resources as they are developed in the Bargaining support from 6 June 2023 section of our website.

Find out when new packs are published

In the coming weeks we will publish information packs on topics such as bargaining disputes, supported bargaining agreements, and multi-employer agreements.

To find out when these packs become available, please:

In addition to these information packs, we are also creating a range of other resources to support you with the changes. These may include webinars, videos, and other Member-led activities. While the exact nature of these resources is still being developed, you have my assurance that we are working actively to develop supports to help you and your members in the weeks and months ahead.

I invite you to share any feedback about our information resources on bargaining changes, from yourself or your members, with our Assistant Director Government Reforms Implementation Charlotte Hulme at

If you’d like to raise anything with me directly, I can be contacted on (03) 8656 4700, 0412 767 105 and

Yours sincerely

Murray Furlong
General Manager
Fair Work Commission