FCFCOA SMIN – Hearings Protocol – 170122

The Courts’ Special Measures Information Notice – COVID-19 Hearing Protocol has been updated. This is to allow the Courts to continue operating safely and sensibly in light of the current COVID-19 climate and having regard to the essential nature of our work.

Where previously the protocol only applied to ACT, NSW and VIC, it now applies in all locations except Western Australia.

With respect to proof of vaccination, Chambers staff will be seeking an assurance from the legal representative for each party that all participants proposed to attend an in-person hearing are at least double-vaccinated.

Other COVIDSafe measures and precautions will also remain in place, including social distancing, density limits, the wearing of face masks and the use of the QR check-in.

These measures collectively are to ensure as far as possible the health and safety of Judges and staff of the Courts, and members of the profession and the public, whilst continuing our important work.

Jordan Di Carlo
Deputy Registrar/National Strategic Adviser – Legal, Policy and Statistical Analysis
Chambers of the Honourable Chief Justice Alstergren
Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia