Rolling Defended Lists for Judge Taglieri

Commencing with the July duty week there will be changes in how defended hearing dates are allocated in Judge Taglieri’s diary.  In order to fully utilise the time available and to make available earlier hearing dates, Her Honour will be adopting a rolling list, where multiple matters are listed to a hearing week and are subject to a compliance check prior to the commencement of the assigned week.

The Current Process

At present hearings are single listed, and are being listed for the second quarter of 2022 as all intervening times are already allocated. Matters which have already been listed to a defended hearing will retain those dates.

The New Process

  •  A matter is ready for hearing.  Trial directions are made and the matter is allocated a hearing date.  The hearing date will be on a Monday, reflecting the week in which the matter will be heard.
  • The matter will also be listed to a compliance callover, usually on a Monday the week before the hearing.  This will be conducted by Microsoft Teams; Chambers will email the Teams dial in details the parties in advance.
  • At the callover, it will be determined if parties in each matter have complied with trial directions and are ready to proceed.  If there has not been compliance, adequate explanation will be required.  Further procedural orders may be made.
  • During the hearing week matters will proceed on dates allocated

Matters which are allocated hearing dates from the July duty week onwards will follow the new process as outlined.  Initially the new process will run alongside matters previously listed.