Update to the Profession – 13 December 2023

  • We have attached a copy of our submission that was emailed to the Deputy Secretary – Department of Justice on 8 December 2023 in relation to the Supreme Court (Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry) Bill 2023. The Society did not support the bill as drafted. On Friday 8 December, there was mention on Southern Cross news of the Law Society’s position. There was an incorrect statement made which was rectified by Southern Cross on 9 December.
  • Following the correspondence being submitted, we were advised on Friday afternoon that there would be a motion in both the lower and upper house on Tuesday 12 December to recommend suspension to the Governor under the Supreme Court (Judges Independence) Act 1853. That Act provides for both the removal and suspension of a Judge at the Supreme Court by the Governor upon address of both houses of parliament. The Judges Independence Act otherwise does not provide details of the process to be undertaken.
  • The above motion was withdrawn on Tuesday, 12 December 2023.

Submission to Department of Justice