Update to Profession – 27 March 2024

  • I want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of staff at the Law Society and our various Law Society committee members in relation to the delivery of the CPD program this year. In 2024, to the 18th March, the Law Society has facilitated the following seminars to our members:
    • Three support staff seminars on wills, legal research, and conveyancing
    • Practice basics for early career lawyers – northern presentation
    • Criminal Law Conference – over 84 attendees
    • Cross-examination workshop in the family law context
    • Estoppel seminar
    • Coercive control seminar
    • Public speaking workshops
    • Property and commercial law conference – over 160 attendees
  • On 21 March 2024, I attended the 2024 Legal Practice Course cocktail party. One of the primary objectives of this event is to introduce the trainees to the legal profession in Tasmania. The trainees who participate in this course are very fortunate to have face-to-face engagement with members of the Tasmanian judiciary, judges of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, magistrates, members of TASCAT and senior practitioners of the profession. I want to again thank those members of the judiciary, magistrates, and wider profession for their ongoing and long-standing involvement in providing support to the Centre for Legal Studies to enable them to deliver this course here in Tasmania.
  • On 22 March 2024, in Launceston launched the inaugural event whereby trainees from the Legal Practice Course spend the day in Launceston. This was very successful event. I want to thank the Northern Early Career Lawyers for hosting lunch. Our trainees were able to tour the Supreme Court, the Launceston Registry of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, Bishops, Rae & Partners, Tasmania Legal Aid and TALS.
  • On 22 March 2024, Luke Rheinberger, Executive Director and I attended our quarterly meeting with the other Law Society Presidents and CEO’s from around Australia and then the Conference of Law Societies. This is an invaluable opportunity to learn of the challenges faced by our colleagues as well as obtaining ideas from states on important matters.
  • On 23 March 2024, the Executive Director and I attended the quarterly Law Council – Director’s meeting.
  • On 16 April 2024, the Executive Director and I will be meeting with Professor Gino Dal Pont, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania, to discuss the issue and options to work with the University in relation to recruitment of law students with a focus on the North and North-West. I welcome input from members with suggestions.
  • On behalf of the Law Society, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.