Firstly, I would like to remind members that this Friday is the deadline for obtaining tickets to the Law Society Mid-year Dinner.  We have arranged some surprise entertainment to open the evening which I am sure you will enjoy.

Secondly, on Thursday I had the pleasure of launching a new book published by the Law Society “The Ultimate Survival Guide for Your First Year in Legal Practice”.  This book has been the culmination of hard work by the staff of the Law Society, particularly Amal Cutler, and the many members of the profession who generously offered their time and energy to make very valuable contributions to its content.  The publication also was possible due to a grant by the Law Foundation to cover the costs of publication.  The book really is an excellent resource and I strongly recommend it to all new members of the profession.  I certainly hope that it helps early career lawyers in navigating the challenges of legal practice and I expect that it will answer many of the questions that are thrown up in the first year of practice.  Please contact the Law Society to find out how you can obtain a copy of the book.

Finally, I welcome the news that the Government has chosen three potential sites for a new Courthouse in the Burnie CBD for further consideration and assessment.  From an access to justice perspective, the location of the new courthouse in the CBD is to be preferred as this is where Burnie’s public transport routes terminate, reducing the likelihood that transport difficulties will create a barrier to court access.  Hopefully, one of the three CBD sites identified will prove suitable so that it is not necessary to pursue the alternative site in Mooreville Road.”


Simon Gates