Outstanding Committee Award

The Society’s committees are established as a source of expert advice to Council and to assist the Society to accomplish policy, regulatory and functional responsibilities. Membership of a committee is a voluntary and honorary role which is to bring necessary skills and knowledge to the committee. Committee membership provides an opportunity to contribute to law reform and the Society’s work in promoting access to justice in Tasmania, consider issues affecting the profession and connect with practitioners with similar interests.

In 2014, the Committees Charter was introduced by the Society to formalise committee structure and appointment processes; set out the role, composition and responsibilities of committees; articulate member obligations; provide activity and reporting guidelines, and align the expectations of committee members and Council. This Charter served to reinvigorate committees in a number of ways which saw increased membership and increased activity.

With the advent of this Charter, Council saw it fitting that this be marked by the introduction of an Outstanding Committee Award. The way in which committees perform is integral to the performance of the Society as a whole and members’ participation is in turn critical to the success of committees.

Year Outstanding Committee Award Winner
2015 Property and Commercial Law
2016 Employment Law
2017 Property and Commercial Law
2018 Criminal Law
2019 Property and Commercial Law
2020 Property and Commercial Law
2021 Elder and Succession Law
2022 Property and Commercial Law; Elder and Succession Law
2023 No award given
2024 Family Law