President’s Award

A practitioner may be nominated for the President’s award, provided one or more of the following criteria is satisfied – the nominee:

  1. has made an outstanding contribution to the Tasmanian legal profession; and/or
  2. is an outstanding example to the legal profession.


  1. The award is to be judged by the current and two previous Presidents of the Law Society of Tasmania.
  2. Nominations are to be made by 20 December each year, and are treated in confidence.
  3. The award will be conferred at the dinner to mark the Opening of the Legal Year.

Nature of the Award

  1. A framed certificate for presentation to the winner;
  2. A voucher to the value of $500 for redemption at a legal publisher;
  3. A cheque in the amount of $500; and
  4. Two complimentary tickets to the Opening of the Legal Year Dinner.
Year President’s Award Winner
2011 T J Tierney
2012 No award given
2013 K B Proctor SC
2014 M E O’Farrell SC
2015 C J Bartlett
2016 P Theobald
2017 L S Topfer
2018 R C Manning
2019 S Taglieri SC
2020 M Turnbull
2021 No award given
2022 A R Mills
2023 W C Justo; K J Wylie
2024 The late T Bugg AM