About Society Committees

List of Society Committees and current Committee members.
About joining a Society Committee.

The Society has a number of committees (Committees of Council) established as a source of expert advice to Council and to assist the Society to accomplish policy, regulatory and functional responsibilities. Committees inform Council on policy directions, develop guidance materials and submissions on legislative and policy initiatives, and support the strategic objectives of Council.

Committees are convened annually in accordance with the Committee Charter and typically fall into one of two categories:

  • Governance and regulatory; and
  • Legal policy, advisory and functional (standing and ad hoc committees).

A forum for Society members
Committees provide a forum for members to participate in the life of the Society and an opportunity to be involved in the initiation of professional development and other opportunities for the broader Tasmanian legal profession. Committee members gain professionally and personally from collegial contacts, and future Society leaders often emerge through involvement in the committee system.

Members are encouraged to contact the committees through the relevant committee Chair to convey practical concerns and questions or to provide feedback on specific areas of legislative and policy reform.