Benefits of joining a committee

About joining a Society Committee.


Committee membership provides Society members with an opportunity to:

  • contribute to law reform and the Society’s work in promoting access to justice in Tasmania;
  • represent the professional interests of legal practitioners in Tasmania;
  • consider issues affecting the legal profession; and
  • connect with legal practitioners with similar interests.

Continuing professional development
Regular attendance at meetings and participation as a member of a committee is a recognised continuing professional development (CPD) activity under the Society’s Mandatory CPD Scheme. See Practice Guideline 4.

Support and recognition

  • Committees are provided with administrative support by the Society. This includes typing and photocopying services.
  • Light catering is supplied at all Committee meetings and a dinner is provided annually by the Society to its committee members.
  • Committee members are listed and acknowledged for their positions and contributions via the Society’s website.
  • At the end of each year of active service the Society issues a Certificate of Service to committee members in recognition of their member services.
  • At the end of each Committee Year, (which commenced in Committee Year 2014/2015), the Society presents an honorary Outstanding Committee Award.