Society AV/IT Facilities and Support

Parties seeking to utilise the Society’s AV/IT facilities with the inclusion of its Zoom platform will be requested to consider and agree to the following conditions before discussing their requirements with the Society and then finalising their booking using this Venue and Facilities Booking Form.

  1. The Zoom account has the Law Society of Tasmania name on it and as such the Society is ultimately responsible for the quality of the product delivered through its webinar platform. It will provide AV/IT support prior to (i.e. the run through) and during the live session.
  2. Recordings – The Society cannot guarantee the quality of a recorded product. If a recording is required and it is of a quality to distribute, the Society will provide a copy at a cost of $125.
  3. If requested, the Society can provide a report of attendees to the host as generated by the Zoom platform.
  4. In terms of quality of product, the Society will provide the use of its webinar platform only when the following Society support is agreed to:
  • Prior to the day of the event – a run through conducted by Society support staff, attended (at the same time) by all parties to be broadcasting in the one session – this includes hosts, presenters, facilitators, chairs, moderators etc.
  • That the run through conducted by Society support staff is a simulation of the conditions expected on the day of the event – this includes the device, technology and location being used on the day, and a practise of any slides being shared on the day.
  • The format of the session, taking into consideration the requirements for a seamless livestreamed broadcast – i.e., that slides being presented by more than one presenter/panellist are combined; that holding slides are included for the commencement of the session and any breaks; that how participants will engage with the session (hand up, chat box) is agreed; and any other requirements that may be relevant to the specificities of the session. These are some of the considerations the Society support staff will raise for discussion during the run through exercise.
  • The Society will open the session and provide AV/IT support throughout the broadcast.

If you have any queries please contact the Society on (03) 6234 4133 or cpd@lst.org.au.