Becoming a Barrister

Download the policy here for the Application for a Barrister Practising Certificate. The Society consults with The Tasmanian Bar on all barrister practising certificate applications that it receives. Apply for a practising certificate here.

Two years supervised legal practiceThe threshold eligibility requirement for the issue of a barrister practising certificate is the completion of two years supervised legal practice. This means legal practice as a practising certificate holder employed by a law practice. For more information see the policy above.

Pupillage – Pursuant to rule 6 (1) of the Legal Profession (Barristers) Rules 2016, a barrister must serve pupillage in accordance with the pupillage rules unless:

(a) he or she has previously served pupillage in Tasmania; or

(b) he or she is an Australian Lawyer of not less than ten years standing as an Australian legal practitioner; or

(c) the Bar Council is satisfied that he or she has relevant experience that is equivalent to the experience specified in paragraph (a) or (b).

In the case where a practitioner is not required to undertake pupillage under the Bar Rules, the Society may impose practising certificate conditions that are reasonable and relevant. Whether, and what, practising certificate conditions are imposed will depend on the circumstances of the individual applicant. Conditions may include pupillage requirements, reporting requirements or the appointment of a mentor.

The Tasmania Bar website contains  a collection of resources for barristers. Providing information on those seeking to work in Tasmania as a Barrister.