Renewal Season 2022

Managing Partners and Sole Practitioners

Direct Link: Firm Renewal Form Please first read the below carefully, in particular, the Important Tip. This form should take 5-20 minutes to complete, depending on the number of practitioners in your firm and the complexity of your renewal circumstances.

To Complete

  • Your form can at first instance be completed by any Authorised Officer (AO) in your firm. Once completed, the form will surface in the AO Review Portal.
  • The form must be reviewed and submitted by an Authorised Officer (AO) who is also a principal (this might also be you). See Status of Application below.
  • Please do not commence the form until all practitioners renewing with your firm have submitted their PC renewal application forms.
  • Important Tip:
    The practitioner details table on the first page of your form must be updated and/or confirmed by you by clicking on the ‘square with pencil’ symbol in every row.
    Only click on Calculate Practitioner Totals button in the practitioner details table after every row has been updated and/or confirmed.
  • Payment Options: It is only during the form Review phase that payment options will appear for the AO.
  • Save: Please ‘Save’ from time to time whilst completing your form. You will find a ‘Save’ link at the bottom of your form.

Status of Application

  • Once completed, you will receive an acknowledgement email with your application status listed as Pending.
  • You will be able to track the status of your application via Firm Submissions, which can also be located by clicking on the Form Submission button on your Member Dashboard. This information may take a short while to surface if you have just submitted a form.
  • Once approved by the Society, you will receive a notification email.
  • All practitioners whose practising certificates have not been held back for review will also receive their practising certificates into their inboxes.

Premium Funding
If you have selected premium funding as your payment option, you will receive a link to the Westpac funding application portal once all firm renewals have been processed by the Society.

Print Copy of Data Submitted in Form
To generate a Print Copy the submitting AO can visit My Submissions. The form may take some time to surface in this portal if you have just submitted it.

Submission Deadlines

  • The deadline for PC renewal applications has now passed.
  • The Firm Renewal & PII Forms deadline is strictly Thursday 30 June 2022.

Enquiries and troubleshooting