Early Career Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Policy

For a detailed early career lawyer committee guide refer to the Early Career Lawyer Committee Guide here. Young Lawyer

A. ECL CPD coordinator

  1. All ECLs are to appoint a CPD coordinator at, or soon after, the AGM.
  2. The Society is to be notified of the coordinator’s contact details (their phone and email) as soon as possible after the AGM, or at the latest by 1 May to cpd@lst.org.au.
  3. This coordinator is to be the CPD contact point with the Society to streamline CPD arrangements.

B. Alternative ELC CPD contact person
Where absolutely necessary, another ECL committee member can be nominated if they are arranging a CPD event and the CPD coordinator is unavailable. However, the Society is to be notified of their phone and email details at the time of confirming the CPD event with cpd@lst.org.au.

C. CPD event planning
Each ECL is to provide the Society with its schedule of proposed CPD topics as early as possible in the new calendar year of the new committee’s term to avoid any conflict with the Society’s (and each other’s) scheduled CPD events. To avoid clashes, any unscheduled CPD or the confirming of venues or presenters is to be proposed in writing with reasons to, and planned in full consultation with, the Society. See the Historical Agreement of Scheduling in the Early Career Lawyer Committee Guide here.

D. Securing your ECL Committee CPD presentation dates

  1. The dates here – ECL CPD event dates for 2024-2025align with the 1 May to 30 April committee year, and are pencilled into the Society calendar at the beginning of the new committee year.
  2. Important:
    • Please work to the dates provided. This will mean securing a presenter/s availability for a stated date before accepting their involvement in the program.
    • A presentation date and associated information is only accepted once the ECL Presenter Agreement Form and Checklist 2023 found here have been submitted to the Society at cpd@lst.org.au, and the date is confirmed by the Society.
  3. As stated above, a date cannot be replaced with another unscheduled date due to the reasons given in the Historical Agreement of Scheduling, however, where there are mitigating circumstances for a proposed change, the ECL is to provide the Society with at least 4 weeks’ notice of a proposed date change, and the new date is not confirmed until endorsed by the Society. It is therefore prudent not to promote an unconfirmed date with a prospective presenter.
  4. The Society encourages ECL CPD events so to avoid disappointment – due to the busy and regularly updating CPD schedule – dates are not secure until confirmed with the Society at least 6 weeks prior to the event date (*some dates excepted as asterisked).
  5. Whilst it is at the discretion of an ECL not to utilise one of these dates, this date cannot be committed by an ECL to a third party, as unconfirmed dates default back to the Society its use.

E. CPD event planning procedure and timings
When considering and finalising a CPD event, ECLs are to follow the procedures as listed below.
Please use the Presenter Agreement Form and follow the Checklist found here.

  1. Use the ECL Presenter Agreement Form to gather CPD event and presenter information.
  2. Ensure all the event and presenter information in the form is completed, and emailed to cpd@lst.org.au at the latest 6 weeks prior to the event.
  3. The Society will only list the event on its website when all relevant information is received – this includes a settled format:
    – in-person; by livestream or a hybrid of both;
    – if the format is to include livestreaming, information must include a settled venue with appropriate technology/devices that can use Zoom and is testable on site before the day.
  4. Send through presenter slides and/or paper at least 24 hours before the event, with instructions about whether the slides and/or paper are to be distributed before, at or after the event.
  5. For ECL committee records, the ECL CPD coordinator (or person coordinating the relevant CPD event) will receive a final list of event registrants soon after the registration portal closes.
  6. An ECL CPD listing will be removed from the Society website if any of the following critical information is changed within the 6 weeks leading to the event (and after being listed): CPD event title, presenter, and/or time. If the format is changed within 6 weeks of the event due to reasonable mitigating circumstances, the Society will consider alternative options. Otherwise the event can be rescheduled to another of the committee’s allocated dates.

F. CPD event feedback

  1. The Society emails all attendees with a CPD presentation feedback survey (Survey Monkey). Once the survey is closed after approx.14 days, a copy of the summary is emailed to the respective ECL president and ECL CPD coordinator for sending on to their presenter as soon as possible.
  2. It is expected that any feedback, or questions asked of the presenter (in the survey) will be sent by the ECL to the presenter along with the thank you correspondence, within a month of the event.

G. The CPD event – in-person and livestreamed
The ECL CPD contact person is to:

  • attend the venue or login to Zoom at least 10 minutes early;
  • set up the room including any banners etc.;
  • schedule an event simulation run through with the Society on the technology (including Chat Box**) to ensure its smooth running;
  • please note that the Society cannot proceed with the event if the ECL committee representatives hosting the in-person aspect of the event does not take part in this simulation run through;
  • be available to meet and greet the presenter and all other guests (chair, facilitator, panellists etc.);
  • welcome attendees and ensure they sign the CPD registration sheet;
  • introduce the presenter/s and run through housekeeping such as emergency exits and toilets etc.;
  • thank the presenter/s at the end of the presentation (and offer a gift if relevant);
  • remind attendees to fill in the event feedback survey (as it helps inform future events);
  • remain until the last attendee has left the Society;
  • leave the room clean and tidy (removing left over event materials) and, if any catering is supplied, clear away dishes, stack and turn on dishwasher; and
  • turn off lights. (The Society will turn off any technology that it provides).

**The Chat Box – for an event combining in-person and livestreamed
Most in-person events are now also offered livestreamed to participants attending offsite. This means there is an additional role for the ECL CPD event coordinator (or delegate) on the day.

Chat Box Function: In the Zoom webinar environment participants can only interact with the presenters through the Chat Box. This requires the CPD coordinator (or delegate) to be prepared to monitor the Chat Box and pass on participant questions/comments to the presenter. The Society will take you through this either prior to the event on the day, or in the run through session for hybrid events.

The CPD event – livestreamed
It is essential that the Society has the presenter’s email address and mobile number for Zoom arrangements and in case of a technical glitch.

Livestreamed Zoom link for registrants

  • The Society will create the registrant Zoom link with a password and email details directly to registrants.
  • Papers and/or slide PDFs will be sent in that email if the ELC has previously provided instructions that slides and/or paper are to be distributed before the event.
  • Any presenter materials (slides and/or paper) are to be supplied by the ELC at the latest 24 hours before the event.

Zoom link for presenter (and ELC event organiser)
Both the presenter’s and ECL event organiser’s Zoom link will be generated by the Society and sent to each, individually, 24 hours before the livestreamed presentation.

Presenter Zoom run through session

  • The ECL is to inform the presenter that a Zoom webinar run through is essential.
  • The Society will host this Zoom run through session with you and your presenter/s.
  • The ECL event organiser is to ensure the presenter Zoom run through session is scheduled for a few days before their live event, and to liaise with presenter about this session, ascertaining with 2-3 proposed times and dates.
  • For this presenter session, a Zoom link will be generated by the Society and sent directly to the presenter.
  • The aim of this session is to simulate the live event so presenter needs to be at the location, and using the device they will use, for event on the day.
  • The ECL event organiser is to ensure the presenter has their slides (or a draft version) available, and open on their desktop, to test screen share.

List of registrants

  • The day before the event a list of registrants may be sent to the ECL event organiser; and to be sent to presenter if requested.
  • Registrations generally close at noon on the event day. The Society will send the ECL an updated list if there are any last-minute registrations.

The livestreamed presentation – on the day

  • The Society will open the Zoom link approximately 10-15 minutes before the scheduled broadcast time.
  • The presenter will have been asked to login at least 10-15 minutes before the live broadcast.
  • A holding/welcome slide may be supplied by Society to be added to the top of the presenter’s slide pack.
  • The Society will host and manage any logistical matters during the session.
  • The Society will also record the event if prior consent has been received.

H. Checklist

  1. Notification of ECL event coordinator contact details – as soon as possible after the AGM.
  2. Notification of alternative ECL CPD contact person details – at time of confirming the CPD event date using the Early Career Lawyer Checklist 2023.
  3. Provide proposed schedule of presentation topics to the Society – as early as possible in the new calendar year of the committee’s term.
  4. Confirm pencilled CPD event date – at the latest 6 weeks prior to the event using the Early Career Lawyer Presenter Agreement Form and Checklist 2023.
  5. Provide request and reasons for need to go outside the 4-5pm time slot or a different date – at the latest 6 weeks prior to the event.
  6. Provide the completed Early Career Lawyer Presenter Agreement Form and Checklist – at the latest 6 weeks prior to the event.
  7. Ensure timeframe deadlines (as stated in the Early Career Lawyer Presenter Agreement Form and Checklist) are adhered to for receipt of presenter’s slides and/or paper/handouts, and whether either or both are to be distributed before, at in-person or after the event.

Contact details
For all ECL CPD management and queries please email cpd@lst.org.au.

Hobart (The Law Society of Tasmania)
Contact person: Amal Cutler
Phone: (03) 6234 4133
Email: cpd@lst.org.au

For technology issues and any other enquiries call the Society on (03) 6234 4133 or email cpd@lst.org.au.