Young Lawyer Committee Information Young

This is a list of resources, forms and policy documents for Young Lawyer committee presidents and members.

General Information for an Incoming Committee
The Young Lawyers Committee Guide for incoming presidents and their committee members provides a guide on all matters relating to the YLC and its relationship with the Society. It is an ever-evolving document, so it is wise to regularly check it here throughout the year for any updates.

Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Policy
The Young Lawyer CPD Lecture Series Policy provides information and guidance for scheduling, booking and hosting CPD presentations within the Society’s CPD Program.

YLC CPD Event and Consent Booking Forms
There are two forms to be used when booking a presentation (see the Policy). It allows the user to collect all the pertinent information required by the Society to list an event. Please return the completed forms (with the presenter confirmed) to at the Society at the latest 6 weeks prior to the proposed presentation date.

Anything else the Society can help with?
For general enquiries, please contact the Society at, and for CPD-specific questions you can get in touch with the CPD Team at