Land Titles Office – Recorder of Titles – Office Circular – New Regulations Commencing 28 November 2022

Office Circular No. 12/2022 DATE: 23 November 2022 CIRCULAR MEMORANDUM: 12/2022 DISTRIBUTION: GENERAL SUBJECT: NEW REGULATIONS COMMENCING 28 NOVEMBER 2022 As noted in Office Circular 11/2022, it was anticipated that new Land Titles Regulations 2022 would soon replace the current Land Titles Regulations 2012. The Governor has now [...]

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Annotated Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1976 (Tas)

Chris Bartlett has published an Annotated Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1976 (Tas) with a brief commentary on important sections.  The publication will be useful to practitioners who work in the area of victims of crime compensation and in personal injury matters.  It addresses the inter-relationship between and [...]

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Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia – Hearing Protocol Issued – COVID-19 Special Measures Revoked

FCFCOA SMIN - Hearing Protocol - 041122 The Chief Justice, the Hon Chief Justice Alstergren AO, has issued the Special Measures Information Notice – Hearing Protocol to replace the Special Measures Information Notice – COVID-19 Hearing Protocol, with effect from Monday, 7 November 2022 in the FCFCOA (Division [...]

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