Profile of the Legal Profession

Download the Profile of the Legal Profession in Tasmania 2017-2018 Report HERE.

As one of his first official duties it gave Evan Hughes, President of the Law Society of Tasmania (2018-2019), great pleasure to announce the publication of the Profile of the Legal Profession in Tasmania 2017-2018 Report which was the first comprehensive survey of the profession in over 5 years. Mr Hughes thanks the significant number of practitioners who took the time to respond to the Society’s Member Survey (one of the report’s several data sources) and encourage as many as possible to participate in upcoming Society’s surveys. Mr Hughes said, “was obvious that the quality of data improved with the increase in responses and so to the usefulness of the process itself.”

This report provides a useful insight into the demographic makeup of the profession, income, hours worked and the use of flexible workplace practices. Mr Hughes concluded by saying that, “the Society hopes to build on this information over time to identify relevant trends and shifts and to also use the survey to help the Society measure its own performance in meeting the needs of the profession. It is interesting reading and I encourage you to take the time to consider its contents. I would also like to thank the staff of the Society for the considerable work that went into creating it.”