Volunteer Practitioner Practising Certificate Conditions

This certificate entitles the practitioner to engage in legal practise only as a volunteer at a complying community legal centre.

a. Whilst acting in a voluntary capacity the practitioner:

    1. Is to act only for clients of a complying community legal centre
    2. Must have professional indemnity insurance pursuant to a policy approved by the Law Society
    3. Is not to receive or hold any money for any client
    4. The practitioner is not to recover costs for the community legal centre from any client or from any adverse party other than disbursements, professional fees or charges necessary for the successful carriage of the work of the client. Any disbursements, professional fees or charges so received shall immediately be paid to the credit of the community legal centre

b. The holder of this certificate is required to undertake continuing professional development in accordance with the requirements of the Law Society of Tasmania’s Practice Guideline no.4 on continuing professional development.

c. Unless the holder of this certificate has completed the Law Society of Tasmania Sexual Harassment, Changing Workplace Culture workshop, the holder is to complete the workshop by 30 April 2024.