Pride in Diversity (Archive)

In March 2018, the Law Society of Tasmania took membership with Pride in Diversity. Pride in Diversity produces a range of publications for use by employers which can be accessed through the Law Society’s current membership. If you or your firm would like to take advantage of the Society’s membership before it ends, please email the Society for log-in details to access the member-only material on the Pride in Diversity’s website. The opportunity to access and download these publications at no charge concludes in early March 2019.

(Publication summaries as provided by the Pride in Diversity website)

This presents information about intersex inclusion in the workplace for employers.

This publication is designed to assist with understanding of sexual orientation and gender diversity in the workplace.

This publication has been developed for LGBTI inclusive workplaces seeking to better understand the complexities of gender. It has been designed to challenge one’s definition of gender diversity and pose questions that enable questioning of the way forms and processes and diversity practice is designed in the workplace.

This discusses research into the low visibility and engagement of same-sex attracted women in the workplace. A joint project between Pride in Diversity and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

This publication is designed to assist managers understand and support LGBTI workplace inclusion initiatives.

This publication on anti-discrimination law and practice, with a specific focus on LGBTI workplace inclusion is a guide for HR practitioners and diversity leaders.

This publication has been designed to assist LGBTI employee network groups, diversity managers and HR with LGBTI inclusion initiatives through the engagement of LGBTI allies.

This publication is designed to assist managers understand and support LGBTI workplace inclusion initiatives.

This publication has been designed to assist LGBTI network leaders and diversity managers with the successful implementation and/or maintenance of effective LGBTI employee networks. A publication for those starting new networks, wanting to refresh or reinvigorate existing networks.


Pride in Diversity website


Gender Identity – What does it mean?

LGBTI Diversity in the Workplace

Why is an Inclusive Workplace Important

The Law Society’s EEO committee’s employment law conference on 7 September 2018 included an awareness training module presented by Ashleigh Sternes, Pride in Diversity. Following on from the success of that workshop, Ashleigh is back in Hobart on Friday 22 February 2019 to deliver a refresher of the material presented at the 2018 Employment Law Conference (Working with a Diverse Client Base – The Why and What) which will be followed by an Ally Training workshop ‘Engaging Allies for Change – The How’.

Pride in Diversity is a national not-for-profit employer support program for all aspects of LGBTI workplace inclusion. Pride in Diversity was established by ACON Australia’s largest LGBTI health organisation to assist in the reduction of stigma, social isolation, homophobia and discrimination in the workplace, thereby improving the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI employees.

Your firm can take up direct membership with Pride in Diversity. If you would like to discuss membership options for your firm, please contact Ms Ashleigh Sternes at Pride in Diversity on 0438 714 505.