Letter to Profession – Extension of PMT




Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to advise that the Small Pool Property Mediation Trial has been extended to 30 June 2023.

The Trial has been very successful with 54 matters in the Trial with an 86% settlement rate. We thank practitioners and their clients for embracing the trial and for their contributions to this great settlement outcome.

Additional funding from the Commonwealth will allow approximately 50 more matters to go through the Trial.

New matters will be accepted state-wide from 1 January 2022.

We will accept 25 matters in the first half of the year, and 25 more in the second half.  This will achieve timely and efficient intake and shorter wait times between intake and conference. We will keep the profession notified of this progress, including when the first 25 spaces have been taken up and when new matters can enter the trial.

We will monitor funding and expenditure and will notify the profession if we are able to accept further matters into the Trial.

Applications for the Trial can be made through the TLA e-lodge system.

The guidelines and Fee Schedule remain the same. https://www.legalaid.tas.gov.au/resources-for-lawyers/guidelines-2/

Please contact Anthea d’Emden with any questions on either 6328 4000 or anthea.demden@legalaid.tas.gov.au

Yours faithfully


Anthea d’Emden

Manager, FDR Program