Medibank extends the age for adult dependants to 31

We have great news, in that effective 18th August, Medibank customers who are considered adult dependents (still living at home), can be covered by their parents cover until their 31st birthday.  We are proud to point out that Medibank was the first large Private Health Insurance player to do this.

We will encourage our customers with adult dependants between the ages of 25-30 to consider whether returning to their parent’s cover works for them.   These changes might provide the peace of mind that children will continue to be covered under their parent’s policy for a little longer and we hope this can alleviate some of the current cost-of-living pressures.  We want to encourage younger customers to remain in private health insurance..

1)  to ensure they continue to take control of their health and wellbeing plus take preventative health steps
2)  to ensure that they are covered for the unexpected
3)  to help take pressure off the public health system

Announcing this initiative on 12th August, Medibank Group Executive, Milosh Milisavljevic said…
“More and more people are seeing the value of private health insurance, including younger Australians. However, we recognise that cost of living is a real issue at the moment, so for young adults living at home who aren’t ready to take out their own policy when they turn 25, this change means they won’t have to.”

To help make private health insurance accessible for younger customers, we also offer a youth discount that remains in place until the age of 40, if they obtain their own cover before the age of 30.  With more younger people joining Medibank, we’re really focused on ensuring we have the right products that cover things that are important to them, such as mental health support, discounted gym memberships, as well as rewarding them for staying healthy with our Live Better program.  The latest Census data revealed there are 456,543 people aged between 25 and 34 living with their parents – an increase of 17 per cent since the previous Census (2016). Having the policy extend to age 31 when the Lifetime Health Care loading takes effect, gives them a clearly defined date to make a decision about their own private health insurance needs.  It also gives parents peace of mind that their children are continued to be covered under their health insurance policy for a little longer.

For additional information on how this initiative could benefit them, employees can contact us on 131 680. Or to book a consultation with a Medibank specialist they can simply  Click Here