About the CPD Program

The Society’s CPD program is designed to cater for all levels of legal experience, and consists of a diverse program of standalone seminars, webinars as well as regular practice-area specific, intensive half to full-day conferences.

This program provides practitioners and other members of the legal community with many professional development opportunities. A few are listed for you below.

  • You are offered a diverse range of seminars presented by experienced and well regarded local, interstate and international members of the legal profession.
  • You will get to refresh, learn and reflect.
  • You will engage in interactive skill-building workshops and forums.
  • You can hear from legal and other expert minds external to the profession that have considerable offerings in the areas of professional skills, practice management and personal / workplace wellbeing.
  • You will meet senior and other members of the legal profession.
  • You will also network with members from other professions and the public.
  • You can further develop interests and skills in specific areas of law.
  • You can choose to contribute to the professional development of others.

A mix of lunchtime and late afternoon seminars and webinars are held on days that best suit the legal profession (in consideration of your valuable feedback). Face-to-face standalone seminars are generally held at the Law Society of Tasmania in Hobart or at Staffordshire House in Launceston. Venues in Devonport or Burnie are also used.

Topics are selected to ensure coverage of all major areas of law (including but not limited to civil and criminal litigation, property and commercial law, employment law and elder and succession law). These also cover the four core competency / mandatory CPD areas: Ethics (E), Professional Skills (PS), Practice Management (PM, and Substantive Law (SL). The Program also includes personal and workplace wellbeing presentations.

Presentations are live-streamed to our hubs in the north and north-west. Face-to-face standalone and/or repeat presentations are held in the north and/or north-west of the state based on resources and demand.

The Society offers many professional development opportunities for legal practitioners. Activities attracting CPD points include the following activities.

  • You can attend Society CPD program presentations.
  • You can prepare for and present at Society CPD program presentations.
  • You may want to write blogs and articles for publication in the Law Letter, for other legal publications and/or the Society website.
  • You can become a member of Council or a Society committee.
  • When you view and/or listen to CPD recordings (see the Society Recording Store), you can also earn CPD points.

Presenting in the CPD program
The Society’s Program provides many presenter training opportunities for legal practitioners who are interested in earning their CPD points by presenting within the CPD Program.

Contributing to the CPD program
CPD Program contributions are always welcomed and valued. Whether you come along as a presenter, group facilitator, content/program developer or Chair.

Contact the Society on info@lst.org.au

Your active attendance makes the world of difference to the experience of others. By asking a question you may subsequently discover it was on the tip of everyone else’s tongue, and your constructive comments will help your colleagues. Take the leap whether you are a new or seasoned lawyer. It’s your future.

Participation in Society CPD presentations also helps support the Society and its not-for-profit CPD program which feeds any excess revenue back into this Program for your ongoing benefit.

Program volunteers (speakers, facilitators, committees, content authors) and financial sponsors assist the Society to provide a quality CPD program at affordable rates for you as a Society member.


  • The benefits of registering online include:
  • Ease of payment and registration.
  • Immediate payment receipt confirmation and registration by email.
  • Downloadable invoices.
  • Your CPD activity tracking. Registration online provides automatic activity entry on the CPD activity tracker which you can access in your My Membership Dashboard. You can manually enter attendance and CPD points earned outside the Society’s program, so you can keep track of all of your CPD activities in the one place.

Whilst this Society does not currently offer Accredited Specialisation, members can apply to the Law Institute of Victoria. Accredited Specialisation is a significant achievement, providing practitioners with the following opportunities.

  • Attain a higher level of competence and specialist skills.
  • Enhance career development and opportunities.
  • Achieve greater recognition among peers.
  • Promote their expertise in a particular area of law.
  • Differentiate themselves from others practising in a specialty area.
  • Increase referral work from the public and peers.

Your constructive feedback and suggestions about the CPD program are always welcomed. You assist the Society by completing the Presentation Evaluation Surveys that are sent to you after you have been a participant at a Society presentation. In turn, your candid and constructive feedback informs us to help mould a CPD program that best suits your professional development requirements.

If you have constructive feedback and suggestions beyond the surveys, please direct your enquiry to info@lst.org.au.

The CPD program is coordinated by the Society’s CPD Team. This is managed by the Deputy Executive Director and supported by the Professional Development Officer and Events & CPD Assistant.

Please direct any CPD questions, enquiries and feedback to the Society at cpd@lst.org.au or call (03) 6234 4133.

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