Become a CPD Presenter

Share your professional knowledge and get CPD points for it.
Are you passionate about a particular area of law or legal topic? Are you well-experienced in your field and want to share that experience? Do you have suggestions for potential presenters and/or topics?

Please register your interest here.

The Society seeks interest from legal practitioners with advanced experience that will benefit the legal profession. Our presenter pool to date has included judicial officers, barristers, field experts (including financial advisers, accountants, public speaking and advocacy coaches, scientists), government agencies, local council, and members of community and private legal practices. See here for upcoming and past CPD session as an example.

CPD Points
Did you know that CPD activity, attracting up to 4 CPD points, includes preparing or presenting material for: a seminar, an interactive live-streamed webinar or a workshop. See Practice Guideline no. 4, rules 2.4(a) and 3.3(a) here.

Topic areas may include

  • Guidance for early career lawyers (what you wished you’d know at the outset of your legal career)
  • Updates on recent cases in developing legal areas or key transformative cases
  • Legal topics of current import
  • Practical advice and best practice tips for navigating everyday legal practice

Example areas of legal practice

  • Advocacy
  • Criminal Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Law
  • Financial management
  • Legal Drafting
  • Litigation
  • Property Law
  • Retainer and costs matters
  • Succession Law

The Society is interested in your recommendations
You may like to recommend a colleague or other presenter you have heard/seen who has the experience and expertise to deliver to the legal profession. Please send through their contact details and a summary of why you are recommending them for inclusion into the CPD program.

Please register your interest here.

What you might like to know
See here for more general information about presenting, and assistance with presenting into the Society’s CPD program.

Lead-time and preliminary information about your session
The ideal lead-time for presenting a CPD session is at least 6 weeks. Information that the Society will need from you, in the first instance, is listed below.

Please note that based on feedback from the legal profession, materials such as slides and/or a paper or topic checklist are highly valued by an audience. As such, the Society highly recommends that the preparation of such materials is taken into account when proposing to present on your topic.

Preliminary information

  • Available dates. Based on feedback from the profession, the Society generally runs CPD on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 1-2pm or 4-5pm. We can liaise with you about different session lengths and days.
  • A brief presenter bio. Up to 100 words.
  • Topic title. Up to 50 characters.
  • Session outline. Approx.. 3 dots points.
  • Key takeaways. Approx.. 3 dots points.
  • Others presenting with you.
  • Who you believe is the ideal audience.

How the Society assists
The Society will follow up and liaise with you up to and including the day of the event. We will work with you to ensure you are prepared and comfortable.

Technology, format and availability

  • The peak CPD period is February to April in any year. Availability for delivering a session may be limited at this time. However the Society will work with the presenter on mutually workable dates/times.
  • The format of a session may depend on the content and delivery style, and the opportunity for maximum engagement from across the profession. The Society runs sessions that are in-person only, livestreamed only or a combination of the two.
  • The Society will assist with the technology and, the Society can (depending on team capacity) assist with slides if you are not across PowerPoint but know the audience will benefit from them.

Why present into the Society’s CPD program

  • You have access to increased networking opportunities with your colleagues
  • You can build connections with your colleagues in the legal profession and beyond
  • You will increase your exposure to the local legal profession
  • You can advance your public speaking skills and use this as a continuing professional development opportunity
  • You have the opportunity to share your passion for your topic, and benefit the legal profession

If you have further questions, please let us know at cpd@lst.org.au.