With the advent of Omicron the Society provides the following information (which in this climate will likely be updated from time to time) to assist members meet their requisite CPD requirements by 30 April 2022.

Sexual Harassment and Workplace Culture (SHWC) workshop – For principal practicing certificate (PC) holders mandated and still to complete the SHWC workshop before 30 April 2022, the March 2022 workshops will temporarily be offered live-streamed as a very interactive zoom activity. This will see all those completing this workshop in the 2021/2022 CPD year acquire 1.5 Equality and Wellbeing (EW) CPD points. This EW point was introduced as the 5th mandatory CPD category in the 2021/2022 CPD year.

General CPD activities – General CPD activities scheduled, and to be scheduled, for February, March and April 2022 will, where the format allows, continue to be offered as combined in-person and live-streamed sessions to enable registrants to choose their preferred mode of attendance. This includes standalone 1-2 hour CPD activities. The upcoming Criminal Law Conference and Property and Commercial Law Conferences will be live-streamed. For updates, please keep an eye on the weekly CPD Newsletter that hits your inbox on a Monday.

Equality and Wellbeing mandatory CPD category – Practitioners yet to acquire an Equality and Wellbeing (EW) CPD point before 30 April 2022, please refer to the weekly CPD Newsletter for upcoming EW CPD activities. Additionally, the Society will shortly launch its online Recordings Store on the website which will include several CPD activities that offer an EW CPD point.

Yes. Please refer to the updated definition of CPD activity at Practice Guideline no.4 Rule 2.4(a), in particular that highlighted, which states CPD activity means:- attendance at, or preparing or presenting material for, a seminar, interactive live-streamed webinar, workshop, lecture, conference, educational program or course or discussion group.

This is a list of CPD events that offer Equality and Wellbeing CPD points. Please contact cpd@lst.org.au for information on accessing these CPD topics.

  1. NWYL – Tackling ethical issues: clients with disabilities (1 EW, E). Book here.
  2. Mindfulness as a Superpower for Legal Practitioners (1 EW). Book here.
  3. Family Violence Perpetuated by Adolescents (1 EW, PS)
  4. Wellbeing and Resilience in the Face of Change (1.5 EW, PM)
  5. SYL – Mental Health Informed Practice in the Magistrates Court (1 EW, PS)
  6. Cultural Diversity: A Guide for Lawyers (1 EW)
  7. Family Violence and Behavioural Management (1.5 EW, PS, SL)
  8. Mental Illness and Those Who Fake It (1 EW, PM, PS)
  9. NWYL – Practical Strategies and Techniques to Monitor and Intervene with Your Mental Health (1 EW, PS)
  10. The Champagne Treatment: Sexual Harassment and Ethics in the Legal Profession (1 EW, PM, SL)
  11. Managing Matters and Staff in a Virtual World: COVID19 Response Series (1 EW, PM, PS)
  12. Remote Working – How to Keep Happy, Healthy and Productive: COVID19 Response Series (1 EW, PM, PS)
  13. When Family Business Transactions Go Wrong – Have you Protected your Clients (and Yourself)? (1 E, EW, PS)
  14. Keeping You and Your Teams Motivated, Engaged and Connected in a Virtual World: COVID19 Response Series (1 EW, PM, PS)

Firstly, you must keep your own record. Until the Society’s online CPD Tracker is available, you can use this CPD Activity Record Form.

Under Rule 3.8 of Practice Guideline no 4, a practitioner must maintain a written record of CPD points accrued by that practitioner in respect of each CPD year. This written record must include the following minimum information:

(a) the CPD activity, and event name (if applicable);
(b) date of event;
(c) CPD points claimed;
(d) mandatory category to which it relates; and
(e) provider or entity.

CPD Activities Form – this form is available for practitioners to manually record their CPD points activity. You will find a record of the Society events you have attended by checking your inbox for your event receipts. The Society does not maintain an events record for each individual practitioner.

Whether you have practised a part or full year, the information you’ll need about your CPD obligations in Tasmania, including the CPD Practice Guideline 4, are at CPD Obligations, here.

If you were issued with a PC after the start of the year, see this CPD Pro Rata Guide for the number of CPD points, across the mandatory categories, you will need to comply.

A CPD year runs from 1 May to 30 April. As such, the dates for the current CPD year are 1 May 2021 to 30 April 2022. See rule 2.7 of the Practice Guideline.

As at 1 May 2021, there are five mandatory CPD categories. This new CPD requirement means when calculating your minimum 10 CPD points of CPD activity in respect of a CPD year, your total units must now include at least one (1) point from each of the following five categories:

  1. Practical legal ethics (E);
  2. Practice management or business skills (PM);
  3. Professional skills (PS);
  4. Substantive law (SL); and
  5. Equality and wellbeing (EW).

Under rule 3.7 of the Practice Guideline, where a practitioner has accrued excess CPD points (beyond those that meet compliance for the CPD year) in February, March or April 2021, the practitioner may elect to assign all or any of them to the next CPD.

Information on the minimum number of CPD points and mandatory CPD categories you need to acquire in a CPD year if you were not practising for the whole CPD year is covered by Practice Guideline Rule 3.9 which states: In relation to a practitioner who holds a local practising certificate for less than a CPD year, the reference in this rule to 10 CPD points in respect of that year is proportionally reduced in accordance with the table HERE. See also this CPD Pro Rata Guide for how the number of points change depending on when a PC is acquired.

Remember that a CPD year in Tasmania runs 1 May to 30 April.

In the 2021-2022 CPD year, the lift of the 5-point cap under rule 3.3(b) of the Practice Guideline no longer applies. This rule reverts to that stated in the Practice Guideline: five CPD points for viewing or listening to, or preparing material for, a multi-media, television or web-based program or recorded material as referred to in sub rule 2.4(c).

For a snapshot of CPD activities (as per Rule 2.4 of the Practice Guideline), their value and maximum limits, see this Summary of CPD Activities.

Webinar registrations and recording purchases grant one viewing licence exclusive to the registered purchaser. Due to licensing restrictions the registered purchaser is the only attendee who can claim CPD points for audit purposes.

The Society encourages the good-will observation of the Society’s viewing licences as this model is critical to the sustainability of the Society’s not-for-profit program, which includes:

  • Affordable prices.
  • Easy member login registration.
  • Dedicated staff/personnel.
  • Responsive program development and event management.
  • Speaker procurement and preparations – experts and renowned-in-their-field presenters.
  • Trainer fees (where applicable, for fee-earning trainers).
  • Maintenance – technology and equipment.
  • Quality venues, livestream opportunities and recordings

By registering for a Law Society of Tasmania CPD event you agree to the Refund/Cancellation Policy and T&Cs as listed below.

Terms & Conditions of Event Registration

  • By registering for a Law Society of Tasmania (the Society) CPD event you agree to the Cancellation & Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions stated here.
  • Booking fees for all CPD activities are payable upon registration. If the relevant fee has not been received by the Society prior to the event, there is no booking.
  • Registration means an event booking made through the Society’s online booking portal or over the telephone, prior to the said event. It is expected that Society members will, by default, take advantage of the online booking portal, along with the automatic CPD activity tracking facility.

Standalone Presentations (face-to-face and webinar)

  • All cancellations must be made in writing by email to cpd@lst.org.au.
  • If you notify us in writing by email more than 7 days before the event, you may choose to nominate a colleague to attend in substitution or receive a refund. The refund will be issued less a 15% cancellation fee. To claim a refund, contact the Society at cpd@lst.org.au.
  • If you notify us in writing within 7 days or less before the event, you may nominate a colleague to attend in substitution. No refund is issued.
  • Recordings of events, once downloaded, are non-refundable.

Conferences and Half-Day Events*

  • All cancellations must be made in writing by email to cpd@lst.org.au.
  • If you notify us in writing by email more than 14 days before the event, you may choose to nominate a colleague to attend in substitution or receive a refund. The refund will be issued less a 20% cancellation fee. To claim a refund, contact the Society at cpd@lst.org.au.
  • If you notify us in writing within 14 days or less before the event, you may nominate a colleague to attend in substitution. No refund is issued.
  • Recordings of events, once downloaded, are non-refundable.

*Terms and conditions applicable to conferences running more than one day will differ from these T&Cs. In that case, registrants at such events will be notified of those T&Cs at the time of registration (in the event listing).

Cancellation or Alteration of an Event
The Society has the right to cancel or alter any of its events at its discretion. Where an event is cancelled, registrants will be notified by email and offered the opportunity to either receive a full refund or to transfer to the next available Society CPD event.

Privacy Statement
By registering participants acknowledge and consent that during their attendance at the event their images or voices may be recorded, via video, photograph or by any other means, by the Society or its delegate which may be distributed or published at the discretion of the Society. If you do not wish to be recorded, you are required to formally advise the Society prior to the event.

Unless you advise otherwise, the personal information you provide to the Society may be used to assist in the administration of this event. This may include the provision of delegate information to the venue, presenters, facilitators and sponsors. Name lists may also be provided to other delegates.

Limitations of Liability and Indemnity
Provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and other laws in force from time to time in Australia may impose guarantees, warranties, conditions and obligations on the the Law Society of Tasmania (the Society) (implied terms). If any implied terms apply, to the extent permitted by law, the Society’s liability and your sole remedy will be limited to the refund of any fee you paid to the Society. Subject to any implied terms, all guarantees, representations, conditions and warranties of any nature are expressly excluded. Subject to any implied terms and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Society, its employees and agents will not be liable for personal injury or death, property damage, or any other loss (including without limitation, liability for negligence, breach of these terms or any other agreement), damage, cost or expense (including, without limitation, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information, indirect, special, punitive or consequential loss or damage) that you may incur or suffer arising out of or in connection with Society events.

By Registering You Agree To The Following
By registering you agree to fully indemnify and hold the Law Society of Tasmania (the Society) harmless from any claim, cost, demand, liability or damage (including legal costs, professional costs and other expenses on a full indemnity basis) incurred by the Society and/or its agents arising out of or in connection with Society events following: (i) any breach of rules and regulations relating to the venue or accommodation; (ii) any damage done to the venue or accommodation, or to any venue or other third party property or equipment; and (iii) any injury suffered by any person, animal or item caused by or in consequence of any act or omission by you.

When placing an order for a recording from the Society, a link for the recording, and papers where applicable, will be emailed. A recording will only be sent by USB if it is not available online. Please note it is recommended to open this link in either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers as doing so in Internet Explorer can cause errors. If problems continue, please contact cpd@lst.org.au.

If you have a hot topic and would like to join the CPD Program as a presenter, we welcome your suggestions.

For an idea of what CPD has already been offered, to see how your topic may fit within the program, and to get a feel for past seminar and webinar formats, you can look through past CPD events held by the Society in our CPD Newsletters.

You may also be interested in the Practical Guide to Presenting: Face-to-Face and Webinars, here.

To get in contact, email the Society at cpd@lst.org.au and include your suggested topic title, a brief summary of the proposed content, and your preferred contact details. We will follow up with you.

Information about the Society’s venues, facilities and AV support hire is found HERE.