EW (Equality and Wellbeing) CPD Points

If you are looking for CPD resources to get your mandatory Equality and Wellbeing (EW) CPD point, we refer you to the list of upcoming CPD activities and recordings below. For more information on the Equality and Wellbeing (EW) CPD point, see Practice Guideline no.4 HERE.

Upcoming CPD events

  1. Protection from Psychological Injury in the Legal Profession
  2. Being a Bystander: What Do You Do?
  3. Trauma-Informed Practice with The Hon. Robert Benjamin AM SC


  1. The Interplay Between Criminal and Employment Law Matters
  2. Trauma Informed Leadership With Dr Polly McGee
  3. Vicarious Trauma in the Legal Profession
  4. Working With Youth Justice: What You Need To Know When Acting For Young Offenders
  5. Treating Offenders Seriously: The Case For Therapeutic Jurisprudence
  6. Working with Interpreters: A Guide for All Lawyers
  7. Judicial Bullying
  8. Sexual Harassment Complaints: Best Practice Processes and Responses
  9. Burnout: Strategies and Recovery Strategies
  10. The World Has Changed: Let’s Sort It Out
  11. What the Blues Teach About Bias and Inclusion
  12. Unconscious Bias and Microinequities at Work
  13. Fitness to Stand Trial: What is The Impairment Threshold?
  14. NWYL – Tackling Ethical Issues: Clients With Disabilities
  15. Family Violence Perpetuated by Adolescents
  16. SYL – Mental Health Informed Practice in the Magistrates Court
  17. Wellbeing and Resilience in the Face of Change
  18. When Family Business Transactions Go Wrong: Have You Protected Your Clients and Yourself
  19. Mental Illness and Those Who Fake It
  20. The Champagne Treatment: Sexual Harassment and Ethics in the Legal Profession
  21. NWYL – Practical Strategies and techniques to Monitor and Intervene With Your Mental Health
  22. Keeping You and Your Teams Motivated, Engaged and Connected in a Virtual World (COVID19 Response Series)
  23. Remote Working: How to Keep Happy and Productive (COVID19 Response Series)
  24. Managing Matters and Staff in a Virtual World (COVID19 Response Series)
  25. Family Violence and Behavioural Management
  26. Cultural Diversity: A Guide For Lawyers