Other CPD Events

From time to time, the Society is made aware of, or receives materials about, other CPD events that are happening intrastate, interstate and internationally and these are listed here. These CPD events are not part of the Society’s CPD Program and any enquiries about them should be directed to the organisers.

  • 2022 – Webinars – Legal Research CPD through the Law Library Tasmania. See HERE for details.
  • 16-20 May – State-wide, Podcasts and Webinars – Law Week Tasmania 2022. For events see HERE.
  • 23, 24 and 26 May – State-wide – Family Law Pathways Network – Change the Story. Launceston book HERE; Burnie book HERE; Hobart book HERE.
  • 24 May – Webinar – What Goes Where? A Comparative Discussion of the Legislative Puzzle (ALRC Financial Service Legislation Webinar), register HERE.
  • 26-27 May – Hagley – Family Law Practitioners Association Tasmania Conference 2022. Details and to book HERE.
  • 27 May – Webinar – UNCCA Annual May Seminar – Law on Cross-Border Insolvency: A 25 Year Review. Register HERE.
  • 24 June – Hobart – Independent Children’s Lawyer & Separate Representative Conference See details HERE and to register HERE.