Housekeeping for in-person and livestreamed presentation

What the Society needs from you as a presenter
The ideal lead-time for presenting a CPD session is at least 6 weeks. Information that the Society will need from you, in the first instance, is:

  • A brief presenter bio.
  • Topic title. Up to 50 characters.
  • Session outline. Approx.. 3 dots points.
  • Key takeaways. Approx.. 3 dots points.
  • Others presenting with you.
  • Who you believe will be the ideal audience.

The Society will follow up and liaise with you up to and including the day of the event. We will work with you to ensure you are comfortable and ready, and we will assist with the technology.

For standalone,
no less than 3 business days in advance.
For a conference session, no less than 7 business days in advance.
If you have a lot of additional information that you won’t have time to speak on, your supplementary papers will benefit your participants. Please email these materials to cpd@lst.org.au within the timeframes stated above.

Presentation slides
For standalone, no less than 3 business days in advance.
For a conference session, no less than 7 business days in advance.

Please email your slides and other materials to the Society at cpd@lst.org.au for distribution to your participants/conference delegates. Slide printouts assist participants to take notes during your session.

Co-presented and panel sessions
The key to successful panel sessions is preparation, preparation, preparation. If your session includes other presenters, get together and chat about the way you want to run your session and discuss with the chair/moderator how all the threads can be pulled together in the session’s wrap up. Please let us know if the Society can assist with bringing joint session speakers together.

Session chairs
Chairs have the role of keeping attuned to participants, the presenters and the progress of the session, knowing when to move matters or questioners on, and when to politely ‘park’ certain input or questions. Depending on the session, your chair is the facilitator or moderator.

The chair’s role is to:

  • Know their presenter and/or panelists and assist them in any way they can on the day.
  • Introduce the presenter/s (a brief bio will be supplied).
  • Facilitate discussion where there is a panel session (and ideally have some pre-prepared questions to facilitate discussion).
  • Keep the session on track around relevancy and timing (noting the strict time constraints most events are under).
  • Wrap the session up.

Parting words
Presenters and chairs have equally important roles. And, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned presenter or chair, you have the support of the Society team, other presenters and your participants. If you have questions about the Society’s CPD program, contact cpd@lst.org.au or call the Society on (03) 6234 4133.

Thank you for your contribution to the Society’s CPD program.