Writing in plain English

The 26TEN website offers free plain English tools to help with writing more clearly. See the Communicate clearly – A guide to plain English tools and resources listed here: How to write clearer emails with a simple plain English technique. This plain English guide is easy to use and includes tips to improve written communication. It has been produced by 26TEN, a network of people and organisations working together to improve adult literacy and numeracy in Tasmania.

Complex language can prevent people taking part in society, especially those with low literacy. Therefore it is important that the legal profession uses plain English, and writes and speaks in a way that supports their clients, and that they also check their clients’ understanding. Evidence shows that using plain English boosts social justice, making it easier for people to comply with the law, understand their responsibilities and make better decisions.

Plain English is about communicating with clients in a language they understand. Understanding this is even more important for vulnerable people and the 48 per cent of Tasmanian adults who lack the literacy and numeracy skills they need for life and work. 26TEN Chat is a step-by-step guide helping Tasmanians start a conversation with those who struggle with reading, writing or maths.