Employee Assistance Program

Converge App – Let us guide you through the steps

As a Tasmanian practising certificate holder you have the complete EAP, health & wellbeing program in your pocket!

Converge Life is a fully integrated, globally award-winning digital platform that brings together EAP and wellbeing. It provides a medical grade, personalised experience to help members take control of their health. Plus, it ticks all three boxes of the National Workplace Initiative (prevent, protect, support).

Download flyer that includes the Law Society organisation code with step by step instructions.

The Society engages Converge International as the exclusive provider of free and confidential counselling services to its members. Converge International operates throughout Australia and provides employee assistance programs (EAP) to a number of Law Societies across Australia. Its EAP program provides support and counselling for a broad range of personal and work related issues. This EAP is broken down into a number of streams as listed below. Download the EAP Connect app here.


Society members and members of their immediate family are eligible for LawCare assistance. The Society continues to meet the cost of (3) three counselling sessions.

Some concern had been expressed to the Society, in the past, that there may be a reticence by some practitioners to access counselling with someone that a practitioner may have professional dealings. This Converge service now allows practitioners to access either online or telephone counselling services with a professional who is not based in Tasmania. The Society is not provided with the names of practitioners accessing this service.

Counselling services are confidential, anonymous, free and available 24/7

Services can be accessed in (3) three ways.

  • Telephone. 1300 687 327
  • Face to face – available in all areas of the state.
  • Online.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Employee Assist – Support and counselling for a broad range of personal and work related issues.
  • Manager Assist – Coaching and advice to assist with a variety of people management issues and the development of leadership competencies. This offers a coaching and advisory line designed specifically for supervisors and managers. Its aim is to help you lead, manage and support your team to maximise performance and achievement. See here for the Managers’ Guide to EAP.
  • Career Assist – Career development and planning, resumes and job seeking assistance, interview skills, vocational counselling
  • Conflict Assist – Strategies, tools and coaching to deal with difficult work place and personal situations
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assist – Specialist advice across nutrition, sleep, resilience, mindfulness, addictive behaviours, retirement planning and positive lifestyle changes
  • Money Assist – Financial counselling to help people work through financial wellbeing concerns

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