WestLaw Practitioner Access

External access to the following resources is currently available (at a member subsidised rate) to legal practitioners as part of their library levy.

  • Australian Bankruptcy Cases
  • Australian Commercial Precedents
  • Britt’s Comparable Verdicts in Personal Injury Claims
  • Commonwealth Law Reports [complete series – authorised reports of the High Court of Australia]
  • FirstPoint: A combination of the Australian Digest and Australian Case Citator. FirstPoint provides access to case references, citation history and digest information for Australian cases since 1825.
  • Laws of Australia: Encyclopaedic reference tool covering all major areas of the law. It provides both an overview of relevant legal principles and detailed commentary.
  • McDonald Henry & Meek’s Australian Bankruptcy Law and Practice
  • Tasmanian Reports [1992 + – authorised reports of the Supreme Court of Tasmania]
  • Unreported Judgments