PC Submissions for Approval

Notes for Authorised Officers (AOs):
Any practising certificate applications that are still awaiting your review should appear in a list below. All applications must be checked and approved before they will be processed by the Society. Any person who has an AO role in your organisation can perform this review function.

Review process:
Open the link to the application and review the form through to the end.

If you are satisfied all is on order, select Approve on the last page of the application. This will submit it to the Society.

If amendments are required, please enter comments and select Rework Required. This will return the form to the practitioner. They will receive an email notification containing your comments.

Full list of Practitioners:
To see a list of your firm/organisation’s practitioners and the status of their applications, go to Form Submissions on your Member Dashboard, or access directly here. The list may take a moment to refresh and upload.

Refresh your page to see any new submissions for your review.