CPD Activity Record Form Tracker

To record your CPD activity it is recommended that you use the CPD Activity Record Form HERE. For more information about CPD obligations when recording CPD activity, see Practice Guideline no. 4 HERE, and below.

3.8 A practitioner must maintain a written record of CPD points accrued by that practitioner in respect of each CPD year. This written record must include the following minimum information:

(a) the CPD activity, and event name (if applicable);
(b) date of event;
(c) CPD points claimed;
(d) mandatory category to which it relates; and
(e) provider or entity.

Advisory Note to Practitioners: It is recommended that practitioners maintain supporting documentation to support their record. Supporting documentation includes receipts, enrolment records, certificates, transcripts, attendance lists, assessment reports, copies of presentation notes, employer reports and detailed diary notes. Supporting documentation should be retained for 24 months after the completion of each CPD year.

Practitioners are encouraged to record their CPD history in the CPD history tracker provided in their personal website account. The tracker (CPD Activity Record Form) can be manually updated and printed at any time.