Form Submissions

This is a portal for forms/applications that have been submitted online by you or your firm/organisation.

Members can view the status of their forms/applications via the My Submissions button below.

Practising Certificate Applications and Firm Renewal Forms – Information for firm and CLC Authorised Officers only:
Authorised Officers can see the status of their practitioner’s applications in Firm and CLC Submissions, below. To review and approve a practitioner’s application see the AO Review Portal in the My Member Dashboard.

For renewals process guidance, see this Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Your Online Renewals in a Nutshell.

Firm PII Renewal form – If an AO has personally reviewed and submitted the firm’s Firm PII Renewal form, it will show up under My Submissions.

Application status terminology:

  1. Blank means the practitioner has not yet completed an application.
  2. Under Review means the practitioner has completed their application but it still requires AO review and approval.
  3. Rework Required means an AO has reviewed the practitioner’s application and has returned it to the practitioner requesting amendments.
  4. Pending means the Society has received your application or other form. This status remains as Pending until the Society has completed its internal processing. No further action is required unless contacted by the Society.
  5. Approved by AO means, for firm practitioners, the same as Pending. It means that the practitioner’s PC Renewal Application has been approved by their firm’s AO and the Society has received the practitioner’s application.
  6. Approved means the Society has approved the practitioner’s application.