Cyber Precedent – Resources to help firms with their cyber security and to deal with cyber threats


Cybercrime and cyberespionage are not new problems for the Australian legal sector. They are, however, problems that are growing exponentially.

Lawyers are an attractive target, because of the sensitive information we hold. We are also a sensitive target, because any breach of security will likely affect client confidentiality.

We know many Australian firms and practices have invested serious time into cybersecurity measures and protocols. But we also know how daunting it can be, especially for smaller practices, to find the time and resources to defend against cybercrime.

That’s why the Law Council of Australia has launched a new information campaign to help lawyers protect themselves against cyber threats.

Cyber Precedent has been custom-built for Australian legal professionals and is based on expert advice. It also includes valuable input from a number of Law Societies and Bar Associations.

The easy to navigate resources include:

  • A list of the essential cybersecurity precautions law firms should take;
  • Advice on how to protect against ransomware;
  • A response checklist in the case of a cyber attack; and
  • A cybersecurity toolkit for the education of staff.

It is every Australian lawyer’s responsibility to take cybersecurity seriously. We hope these new resources, which will be updated regularly, will help you do just that.

We strongly urge you to bookmark this page today and start exploring what’s available.

Rohan Foon
Law Society of Tasmania