Standard Trial Directions

Judge Taglieri indicated in the duty week commencing 2 August 2021 that Chambers would make her Honour’s standard trial directions available to practitioners.  Copy of the standard directions. In the event that practitioners seek trial directions which differ from these, then the onus is on them to address the Court to that effect at the time at which the orders are made.

Compliance with Orders

As recently impressed by Judge Taglieri, the administration of justice requires compliance with court orders.  A reminder in given that in certain circumstances where solicitors do not comply with trial directions, the Court may consider making orders under rule 21.07 of the Federal Circuit Court Rules 2001.

Clients’ Attendance at Court

It is the expectation that clients will attend all procedural hearings with their solicitor pursuant to rule 12.11 of the Family Law Rules 2004, unless otherwise granted leave by the Court to either not attend or to attend by electronic means.

Engrossed Consent Minutes

After a court event where orders were made both by consent and by determination, the engrossed consent minutes provided to Chambers by practitioners should not include any orders made by determination.  These will be included in the body of the order.  The engrossed minutes are only to contain the agreed terms of consent minutes handed up in court and any amendments thereafter made by consent.