Law Society of Tasmania members can take advantage of the Law Council of Australia corporate scheme and enjoy the following discounted Qantas Club membership rates.

Rates effective 30 June 2019

 1 year membership $415.80
 2 year Membership $754.60
 One off joining fee $247.38 (all rates inclusive of GST)

A global network of more than 250 Qantas Club and associated lounges are ready to welcome you whenever you fly Qantas. Access to partner lounges worldwide may be available when you fly with Qantas’ partner airlines: British Airways, American Airlines and US Airways. Wherever you’re headed, it’s nice to have somewhere quiet to go before your flight.

For further information contact the Qantas Club Service Centre on 03 8696 2160.

Application form

Please download the Qantas Club membership application form.   Completed applications need to be returned to the Law Society of Tasmania for verification (you can not apply online)