The Tasmania Sentencing Advisory Council has released a research paper on the sentencing of young offenders in Tasmania.

This research paper provides comprehensive information on the operation of the sentencing principles, options and practices under the Youth Justice Act 1997.   It provides information on the operation of the Magistrates Court (Youth Justice Division) and the sentencing of young offenders by the Supreme Court.  The paper also examines the use of pre-court diversion (cautions and community conferences) as this is integral to the Tasmanian approach to youth justice.

It is important to note that this research paper is not a review of the youth justice system in Tasmania, and so does not contain any recommendations for action.  Instead, it is focussed on providing information which will hopefully be of assistance to all those involved with young offenders.

The Council would like to thank again the many stakeholders who gave their time and knowledge so graciously during the consultation phase of the paper.  It contributed greatly to the final paper and was appreciated.

A copy of the final paper is attached for your information.  The paper can also be accessed through the Council’s website:  and may be freely distributed.


Final – Research Paper Sentencing Young Offenders – November 2021