Starting Your Law Journey

Ever thought about becoming a lawyer? Imagine a career where your voice makes a difference.

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Becoming a lawyer offers diverse opportunities to solve problems, think critically, and help people.
Here’s why you might consider a career in law, especially in Tasmania.

Why Law in Tasmania?
In Tasmania you have the unique opportunity to study law at a boutique law school and engage directly with local judges, magistrates, barristers and solicitors, face-to-face. Tasmania offers professional opportunities with a balanced lifestyle. Its legal community is welcoming and supportive, helping you grow and make real, life-long connections.

Curious to Learn More?
If the idea of a career in law sparks your interest, read on for more details on the steps to becoming a lawyer, the life of a lawyer, and personal stories from local lawyers who are passionate about their profession.

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Types of Lawyers
As a lawyer, you can engage in various types of legal practice. Here are some examples:

  • Inhouse lawyer for a company or community association
  • Private practice lawyer in a law firm
  • Barrister in chambers and court
  • Government lawyer for the state, federal government, or defence forces

Lawyers are vital in protecting rights, shaping policies, and guiding those in need through complicated legal landscapes. Their work involves understanding people’s needs and finding the best paths to just outcomes.

The Diverse Roles of a Lawyer
Lawyers help individuals, families, neighbours and businesses. You could be advising people about their rights, representing those in need, resolving conflicts, going to court, writing important agreements or assisting people to buy properties or businesses. And that’s just to name a few of the roles you could perform!

The essence, however, of being a lawyer is problem-solving, understanding people, and making a tangible difference in their lives. Whether advocating for an individual’s rights, crafting policy, or negotiating deals, your role involves analytical thinking, empathy, and a commitment to justice and support.

How to Start Your Law Journey
Starting your career in law is more straightforward than you think. The journey requires dedication but rewards you with a career rich in diversity and opportunity to make a real difference.
1. Earn your university law degree;
Complete practical legal training; and
3. Gain admission to practice.

Kickstart Your Future in Law
Imagine a career where you can stand up for what’s right, resolve conflicts, and help shape a better society. Consider law in Tasmania and start a journey that’s not just about a profession, but a calling to serve and impact lives.

Could this be you?

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