Arrangements for use of the door access FOBS at the Supreme Court, Hobart

To Request a fob please email

The Court would appreciate you noting the following conditions of use:

  • The FOB is only to be used by the person it is issued to – please don’t lend it to other staff. If there is a requirement for staff member to have a FOB issued please ask them to contact
  • If you lose your FOB notify the Supreme Court Hobart via to organise a replacement.
  • The doors accessible with your FOB during the hours of 08:45 – 17:00 weekdays are:
    • Criminal building:
      •  front door
      • side door (Salamanca Place) 08:45 – 17:30
      • internal foyer door (staff entrance)
      • Hallway door – near DPP suite
      • Hallway door – leading to defence robing rooms
  • Usage of the FOBS is electronically monitored and can be reviewed if necessary
  • During normal office hours the front doors of either building may be locked for operational reasons so please carry your FOB at all times when attending the Court

Identification will be required when picking up this access FOB from the Sheriff’s office.







Luke A Worcester

Jury and Security Coordinator

Supreme Court of Tasmania

Salamanca Place, Hobart, TAS 7001

GPO Box  167 Hobart , TAS 7001