The Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (TASCAT) has determined that matters that fall within the General Division of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, will return to in person hearings commencing on 28 March 2022.  The Streams of the General Division will issue specific advice about the return to in person hearings as required, those streams being the:

  • Anti-Discrimination stream
  • Forestry Practices stream
  • Health Practitioners stream
  • Personal Compensation stream
  • Resource and Planning stream

The Protective Division (Guardianship and Mental Health Streams) hearings will continue to be convened remotely for a further period of time.  The Tribunal wishes to ensure the safety of all persons who attend the Tribunal premises and given the existing configuration and size of hearings room used for the Protective Division (and the limitations of the number of persons who can be appropriately accommodated in those rooms), it is preferable to defer a return to in person hearings at this time.

The timeframe for return to in-person hearings for the Protective Division will be actively reviewed having regard to the advice received from Public Health.  The Tribunal will advise all stakeholders of any forthcoming changes as soon as practicable.

Please note, any persons who attend the Tribunal premises must ensure compliance with the Safety Plan or Public Health requirements of the Tribunal which are set out on the Tribunal website here.  These include proof of up-to-date vaccination, wearing of masks, social distancing, hand sanitization  and such other directions that officers of the Tribunal may issue as required.


Jarrod Bryan (he, him, his) | Principal Registrar
Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Secretary, Legal Profession Disciplinary Tribunal
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