Leanne McLean recently launched ‘I think adults play a big role in this’, a consultation report on children and young people’s views of the importance of respectful relationships
and consent education. Ms McLean said the report, which emerged from her discussions with more than 40 CCYP Ambassadors from around Tasmania on the theme of Acceptance, Belonging and Feeling Safe, provides insights into the lived experiences of young Tasmanians in our community,

It is her hope that this report will be a valuable tool to build an ongoing discussion between decision-makers and Tasmanian children and young people about the design and delivery of appropriate policies and programs that meet their needs.

The report is now available at: https://www.childcomm.tas.gov.au/.  The media release is also available at: https://www.childcomm.tas.gov.au/respectful-relationships-and-consent-education/.