The Defence and Veteran Legal Service (DAVLS) was recently set up in Tasmania and a Tasmania Legal Aid (TLA) lawyer in Hobart and Launceston is ready to accept referrals for members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), veterans and their families who are considering making a submission to the Royal Commission into defence and veteran suicide (RC). It is a great opportunity for people who have experienced poor mental health as a result of experiences they (or their family member) have had in the ADF or afterwards, to contribute to the work of the RC and their recommendations which we hope will bring about significant change. To refer people to the service, ask them to call 1800 33 1800.

We are also looking for private practitioners who would be willing to represent clients in matters relating to the Royal Commission. Lawyers are paid through the Commonwealth Financial Assistance Scheme. It is very possible these clients will have other civil matters, but the client would cover the cost for these.

About the Defence and Veterans Legal Service