In December 2021, The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia announced a pilot project to provide access to court proceedings by electronic means to parties from remote and regional areas in Tasmania.

The pilot helps people living in regional and remote areas who face challenges    attending Court and don’t have the access to resources or a place to meaningfully participate through electronic means.

Practitioners are asked to consider if any of their clients might benefit from the pilot. Referrals to the pilot are sought where a client:

  • Lives several hours from the Court registry or faces challenges getting to court.
  • Does not have access to public or personal transport to and from Court.
  • Does not have access to appropriate technology or internet connectivity.
  • Does not have a suitable place to attend court through virtual means.

Many clients who live in or on Circular Head, the West Coast, the East Coast and King or Flinders Islands, have limited access to public transport and struggle to get to Court for family report interviews and for their hearings. These clients are likely to benefit greatly from this pilot.

Clients in the pilot will be given access to the necessary technology and an appropriate facility at a location with private space, so they can engage meaningfully in the Court proceedings.

If you have a client who might benefit from the pilot, or you have other questions about how it works, contact

The Court’s press release about the pilot is here