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  • Area: Administration of Estates; Estate Planning; Powers of Attorney; Succession Planning; Testators' Family Maintenance; Wills
  • Delivered: March 2021
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This session, conducted by a panel of local experts in the area, is a deep dive into the timeline from estate planning to estate administration. It includes consideration of who is in control: the attorney, the guardian, the administrator, the executor, the trustee, the appointor, the principal, the protector or … the terminator.

The presenters also discuss – what is the purpose/effect of each document (and particular clauses in them); what are the formal requirements (including witnessing requirements) for each document and; what happens if those formal requirements are not met: binding death benefit nominations, powers of attorney, enduring powers of attorney, instruments appointing enduring guardians, wills, trust deeds, deeds of succession, grants of probate and grants of representation; what assets are governed by what document: personal assets, superannuation, life insurance, jointly owned assets and trust assets; and when does each document become operative and expire (if at all): immediately, upon incapacity, upon a certain event occurring or time period passing, upon separation, upon divorce, upon death or a combination of these?

Kimberley Martin, Principal, WMM Lawyers

About the Presenter:

Ms Kimberley Martin is a senior estate planning, commercial, tax and trusts lawyer. Kimberley’s range of expertise includes estate planning, tax, business succession, trusts and superannuation law, with a particular emphasis on complex needs, international, and high net worth estate planning. She is also experienced in the area of not-for-profit law. Kimberley is a graduate with Honours of the University of Tasmania and holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. She has completed her LLM (Masters) in Wills and Estates through the College of Law. These studies have given Kimberley a greater depth of understanding about complex aspects of Estate Planning and the different laws that apply in each Australian jurisdiction.

Kate Moss, Principal, WMM Lawyers

About the Presenter:

Ms Kate Moss is a senior probate lawyer. Kate leads a team that works on trusts and estate administration, and on legal issues that arise as a consequence of the death of a person. This includes resolving superannuation, insurance, ownership, trust, and related issues when someone has died. Kate is one of the most experienced probate lawyers in Tasmania and administers a significant number of probate files for both regular and high net worth estates. Kate is a graduate of the University of Tasmania and holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. Kate has also completed further studies with the Taxation Institute of Australia.

Eve Hickey, Lawyer, WMM Lawyers

About the Presenter:

Ms Eve Hickey is an estate dispute lawyer at Associate level in the Estates and Trusts Disputes practice area at WMM Lawyers. Eve acts for clients requiring assistance with contested probate actions and claims for provision from an estate under the Testator’s Family Maintenance Act 1912 (Tasmania). Eve is a graduate of the University of Tasmania with First Class Honours and holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.


About the Presenter: