Certified TM teacher Michael Dickins is visiting Hobart!

Course of instruction commences 30 April 2022

Transcendental Meditation

  1. Reduced insomnia
  2. Reduced anxiety, stress and depression
  3. Greater resilience to stress
  4. Increased happiness
  5. Increased brain function & creativity
  6. Lower risk of heart attack and stroke

Absolutely effortless and natural – anyone can do it, no concentration or control.
Evidence based – hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.
Consistently effective – TM works for everyone.

Program Basics – Law Society Rooms, 28 Murray Street, Hobart

Saturday 30 April

Personal instruction by appointment – allow 1.25 hours.

Sunday  1 May at 10.30am
90 minute workshop session 1, or, this session can be downloaded onto a mobile phone and taken at home, followed by checking of your TM practice via Zoom each day

Monday 2 May at 5.30pm
90-120 minute workshop session 2, or, digital ‘at home’ option as above

Tuesday 3 May at 5.30pm

90-120 minute workshop session 3, as above

Resources and other inclusions:
All participants in the program will have ongoing follow-up support free of charge, via digital downloads and regular Zoom video-conferencing.  This includes the availability of personal checking of TM (to ensure daily practice is correct, i.e. natural and effortless).

LST Standard: $1,550 payable interest free over 4 months.
LST Young Lawyers discount: $1200 or $300 x 4 months.
Maharishi Foundation Australia has ACNC non-profit registration.

See this video information about TM: –  Info on TM
For further information including details on workshops in Launceston, or to register your interest, contact Michael Dickins 0435 620240.